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Customizable, Credential based login allows administrators the ability to give each user as much or as little access as needed. Security groups can be customized as well.

Clear, concise menu bar offers easy initial operations and intuitive user experience.

Completely customizable project dashboard shows all key data in real time at a glance. This is set up at the kickoff meeting with exactly what you want to see. We can add as much or as little data as desired.

Users will feel a sense of comfort when using TrackerDB. We built TrackerDB around the industry’s predominant use of spreadsheets. Each module is built identically- once users understand the layout of one page, they will be able to navigate the majority of TrackerDB.

TrackerDB is a tag based system. Because TrackerDB is tag driven, users can built any custom report and even derive manpower schedules, among many other benefits.

The tag module can be expanded to view associated test sheets/ITR’s, Punchlist items, attachments, photos,and all preservation data associated with that tag.

All of these items are associated to the tag automatically.

Easy to access test forms, bar coded for scan and automatic assigning to the tag.

TrackerDB offers you the ability to create and edit your own test sheets/ITR’s, or TrackerDB pros can build them for you. That is one of the many differentiating factors that can save you time and money compared to our competitors.

TrackerDB’s punchlist control module offers maximum flexibility with the ability to attach and annotate. The TrackerDB mobile app attaches geolocation and syncs with the web program in real time if connectivity permits. The TrackerDB app works offline as well, so internet issues wont slow down on site productivity.

Example Reports

Skyline Report

Burndown Curves

“S” curves

Conventional Data Tables


• Programmed on state of the art platform- maximum performance • Intuitive and easy to use

• Uses latest cloud technology • Industry standard security and backups • Minimal training required • Ready out of the box or customizable to workflow

• Simple and transparent cost • Fully 24/7/365 support • Trained administrators available

Recent Clients

For Further Information:

Martyn Canham President, Rev1 Oil & Gas Mobile: +1-713-504-3737 Email: Ricky Ehrgott Vice President, Rev1 Mobile: +1-813-716-0475 Email:

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