2020 Brown Jordan Catalog

Tables (Compatible with Sirocco, Quantum, and Wave Collections)

18" ROUND OCCASIONAL TABLE 1664-1800 Glass Top 1664-1800-RT Rough Tex Acrylic Top 1664-1800-NO Nova Aluminum Top 1664-1800-PY Pylon Aluminum Top 1664-1800-SO Solid Aluminum Top RD 18 • H 14

1599-2232 SERVING CART * W 25 • D 32 • H 27 *Not suitable for contract use.

22" SQUARE OCCASIONAL TABLE 1594-2222 Glass Top 1594-2222-RT Rough Tex Acrylic Top 1594-2222-NO Nova Aluminum Top 1594-2222-PY Pylon Aluminum Top 1594-2222-SO Solid Aluminum Top W 22 • L 22 • H 16

30" ROUND PEDESTAL DINING TABLE 1665-3000 Glass Top 1665-3000-RT Rough Tex Acrylic Top 1665-3000-NO Nova Aluminum Top 1665-3000-PY Pylon Aluminum Top 1665-3000-SO Solid Aluminum Top RD 30 • H 28 36" ROUND PEDESTAL DINING TABLE 1665-3600 Glass Top 1666-3600 Glass Umbrella Top 1665-3600-RT Rough Tex Acrylic Top 1666-3600-RT Rough Tex Acrylic Umbrella Top 1665-3600-NO Nova Aluminum Top 1666-3600-NO Nova Aluminum Umbrella Top 1665-3600-PY Pylon Aluminum Top 1666-3600-PY Pylon Aluminum Umbrella Top 1665-3600-SO Solid Aluminum Top 1666-3600-SO Solid Aluminum Umbrella Top RD 36 • H 28 24" X 36" PEDESTAL DINING TABLE 1665-2436 Glass Top 1665-2436-RT Rough Tex Acrylic Top 1665-2436-NO Nova Aluminum Top 1665-2436-PY Pylon Aluminum Top 1665-2436-SO Solid Aluminum Top W 24 • L 36 • H 28

32" SQUARE PEDESTAL DINING TABLE 1665-3232 Glass Top 1666-3232 Glass Umbrella Top 1665-3232-RT Rough Tex Acrylic Top 1666-3232-RT Rough Tex Acrylic Umbrella Top 1665-3232-NO Nova Aluminum Top 1666-3232-NO Nova Aluminum Umbrella Top 1665-3232-PY Pylon Aluminum Top 1666-3232-PY Pylon Aluminum Umbrella Top 1665-3232-SO Solid Aluminum Top 1666-3232-SO Solid Aluminum Umbrella Top W 32 • L 32 • H 28 36" SQUARE PEDESTAL DINING TABLE 1665-3636 Glass Top 1666-3636 Glass Umbrella Top 1665-3636-RT Rough Tex Acrylic Top 1666-3636-RT Rough Tex Acrylic Umbrella Top 1665-3636-NO Nova Aluminum Top 1666-3636-NO Nova Aluminum Umbrella Top 1665-3636-PY Pylon Aluminum Top 1666-3636-PY Pylon Aluminum Umbrella Top 1665-3636-SO Solid Aluminum Top 1666-3636-SO Solid Aluminum Umbrella Top W 36 • L 36 • H 28 42" SQUARE PEDESTAL DINING TABLE 1665-4242 Glass Top 1666-4242 Glass Umbrella Top 1665-4242-RT Rough Tex Acrylic Top 1666-4242-RT Rough Tex Acrylic Umbrella Top 1665-4242-NO Nova Aluminum Top 1666-4242-NO Nova Aluminum Umbrella Top 1665-4242-PY Pylon Aluminum Top 1666-4242-PY Pylon Aluminum Umbrella Top 1665-4242-SO Solid Aluminum Top 1666-4242-SO Solid Aluminum Umbrella Top W 42 • L 42 • H 28

32" SQUARE PEDESTAL BAR TABLE 1667-3232 Glass Top 1668-3232 Glass Umbrella Top 1667-3232-RT Rough Tex Acrylic Top 1668-3232-RT Rough Tex Acrylic Umbrella Top 1667-3232-NO Nova Aluminum Top 1668-3232-NO Nova Aluminum Umbrella Top 1667-3232-PY Pylon Aluminum Top 1668-3232-PY Pylon Aluminum Umbrella Top 1667-3232-SO Solid Aluminum Top 1668-3232-SO Solid Aluminum Umbrella Top W 32 • L 32 • H 39 36" ROUND PEDESTAL BAR TABLE 1667-3600 Glass Top 1668-3600 Glass Umbrella Top 1667-3600-RT Rough Tex Acrylic Top 1668-3600-RT Rough Tex Acrylic Umbrella Top 1667-3600-NO Nova Aluminum Top 1668-3600-NO Nova Aluminum Umbrella Top 1667-3600-PY Pylon Aluminum Top 1668-3600-PY Pylon Aluminum Umbrella Top 1667-3600-SO Solid Aluminum Top 1668-3600-SO Solid Aluminum Umbrella Top RD 36 • H 39 42" ROUND PEDESTAL BAR TABLE 1667-4200 Glass Top 1668-4200 Glass Umbrella Top 1667-4200-RT Rough Tex Acrylic Top 1668-4200-RT Rough Tex Acrylic Umbrella Top 1667-4200-NO Nova Aluminum Top 1668-4200-NO Nova Aluminum Umbrella Top 1667-4200-PY Pylon Aluminum Top 1668-4200-PY Pylon Aluminum Umbrella Top 1667-4200-SO Solid Aluminum Top 1668-4200-SO Solid Aluminum Umbrella Top RD 42 • H 39

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