2020 Brown Jordan Catalog

Brown Jordan Advantage

Five-stage Pre-treatment Each frame is processed in a special pretreatment wash system with the purpose of removing any particles remaining from the buffing and polishing process as well as any remaining oil residue from fabrication while preparing the metal for the paint process. Untreated aluminum is a porous material with naturally occurring microscopic fissures and clefts. The pre-treatment process is a five step application of a detergent wash, clean rinse, special solvent metal preparation bath for superior paint adhesion, and two additional rinse processes to ensure exceptional cleanliness. Clean frames are then heat dried to evacuate any liquid from within the frame.

Hybrid Base Coat Primer Sealant Our Hybrid primer base coat is an epoxy/polyester blend that creates a superior platform over which the finish color coat is applied. The epoxy portion is a superior bonding agent that is specially formulated to adhere to metal. During the final cure, the epoxy will not reflow, as does the polyester, resulting in a harder sub- coat that protects the metal from corrosion. While the polyester portion does reflow, this process creates a bond with the top finish coat. The outcome is an advanced, integrated bond that results in a superior resistance to paint delamination while providing for improved color and gloss retention. Powder Coating The Ultra Fuse powder coat final finish is applied with an electrostatic technique that creates a complete and uniform coating on all areas of the frame, including the bends and corners. The result is an attractive, durable, high-quality finish that will not flake, peel, or blister.

Proprietary Multi-step Powder Coat Technique

Each piece of Brown Jordan alumi- num furniture undergoes a rigorous finishing treatment that results in a beautiful, lasting piece of furniture.

Jewel like Welding A meticulous welding process is taken to prepare assembled frames for painting. Welded joints are ground to achieve uniform dimension. Each frame is then sanded, buffed and polished to achieve a smooth surface allowing for better adhesion for the final powder coat. The end result is a smooth frame with an aesthetically pleasing appearance.




Cover Image shown with Oscar Love Seat and End Table frame in Textured Pewter Dark Grey, Frost Suncloth, rope in Coal, Table top in Fossil.

PUBLISHED OCTOBER 2019 Brown Jordan reserves the right to make minor design changes or modifications and to discontinue furniture items, finish colors, and lace, strap, and resinweave colors without notice. Printed colors cannot be guaranteed for accuracy. It is the policy of Brown Jordan to apply for trademarks and design and utility patents during product development. These trademarks and patents are rigorously enforced.


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