2020 Brown Jordan Catalog

Pasadena / Wave Tables

21" ROUND OCCASIONAL TABLE 5193-2100 Glass Top 5193-2100-NO Nova Aluminum Top 5193-2100-PY Pylon Aluminum Top 5193-2100-SO Solid Aluminum Top RD 25 • H 18

28" SQUARE CORNER TABLE 5193-2828 Glass Top

28" X 45" COFFEE TABLE 5193-2845 Glass Top

5193-2828-NO Nova Aluminum Top 5193-2828-PY Pylon Aluminum Top 5193-2828-SO Solid Aluminum Top W 28 • L 28 • H 18

5193-2845-NO Nova Aluminum Top 5193-2845-PY Pylon Aluminum Top 5193-2845-SO Solid Aluminum Top W 28 • L 45 • H 18

42" ROUND CHAT TABLE 5193-4200 Glass Top

42" ROUND DINING TABLE 5191-4200 Glass Top 5192-4200 Glass Umbrella Top 5191-4200-NO Nova Aluminum Top 5192-4200-NO Nova Aluminum Umbrella Top 5191-4200-PY Pylon Aluminum Top 5192-4200-PY Pylon Aluminum Umbrella Top 5191-4200-SO Solid Aluminum Top 5192-4200-SO Solid Aluminum Umbrella Top RD 45 • H 29 ALSO AVAILABLE: 42" ROUND BALCONY TABLE 519B-4200 Glass Top 519B-4201 Glass Umbrella Top 519B-4200-NO Nova Aluminum Top 519B-4201-NO Nova Aluminum Umbrella Top 519B-4200-PY Pylon Aluminum Top 519B-4201-PY Pylon Aluminum Umbrella Top 519B-4200-SO Solid Aluminum Top 519B-4201-SO Solid Aluminum Umbrella Top RD 45 • H 36

54" ROUND DINING TABLE 5191-5400 Glass Top 5192-5400 Glass Umbrella Top 5191-5400-NO Nova Aluminum Top 5192-5400-NO Nova Aluminum Umbrella Top 5191-5400-PY Pylon Aluminum Top 5192-5400-PY Pylon Aluminum Umbrella Top 5191-5400-SO Solid Aluminum Top 5192-5400-SO Solid Aluminum Umbrella Top RD 57 • H 29

5193-4200-NO Nova Aluminum Top 5193-4200-PY Pylon Aluminum Top 5193-4200-SO Solid Aluminum Top RD 45 • H 20

42" ROUND BAR TABLE 5197-4200 Glass Top 5198-4200 Glass Umbrella Top 5197-4200-NO Nova Aluminum Top 5198-4200-NO Nova Aluminum Umbrella Top 5197-4200-PY Pylon Aluminum Top 5198-4200-PY Pylon Aluminum Umbrella Umbrella Top 5197-4200-SO Solid Aluminum Top 5198-4200-SO Solid Aluminum

52" X 80" DINING TABLE 2941-5280 Glass Top 2942-5280 Glass Umbrella Top W 52 • L 80 • H 30

Umbrella Top RD 45 • H 39



Pasadena/Wave tables are available in all finishes with Aluminum or Glass tops.

Smooth Rough (SR)

Solid (SO)

Solar Grey (SG)

Clear (C)

Nova (NO)

Pylon (PY)

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