2020 Brown Jordan Catalog

Quantum Tables

32" SQUARE DINING TABLE 1591-3232 Glass Top 1592-3232 Glass Umbrella Top 1591-3232-RT Rough Tex Acrylic Top 1592-3232-RT Rough Tex Acrylic Umbrella Top 1591-3232-NO Nova Aluminum Top 1592-3232-NO Nova Aluminum Umbrella Top 1591-3232-PY Pylon Aluminum Top 1592-3232-PY Pylon Aluminum Umbrella Top 1591-3232-SO Solid Aluminum Top 1592-3232-SO Solid Aluminum Umbrella Top W 32 • L 32 • H 28 36" SQUARE DINING TABLE 1591-3636 Glass Top 1592-3636 Glass Umbrella Top 1591-3636-RT Rough Tex Acrylic Top 1592-3636-RT Rough Tex Acrylic Umbrella Top 1591-3636-NO Nova Aluminum Top 1592-3636-NO Nova Aluminum Umbrella Top 1591-3636-PY Pylon Aluminum Top 1592-3636-PY Pylon Aluminum Umbrella Top 1591-3636-SO Solid Aluminum Top 1592-3636-SO Solid Aluminum Umbrella Top W 36 • L 36 • H 28 42" SQUARE DINING TABLE 1591-4242 Glass Top 1592-4242 Glass Umbrella Top 1591-4242-RT Rough Tex Acrylic Top 1592-4242-RT Rough Tex Acrylic Umbrella Top 1591-4242-NO Nova Aluminum Top 1592-4242-NO Nova Aluminum Umbrella Top 1591-4242-PY Pylon Aluminum Top 1592-4242-PY Pylon Aluminum Umbrella Top 1591-4242-SO Solid Aluminum Top 1592-4242-SO Solid Aluminum Umbrella Top W 42 • L 42 • H 28

36" ROUND DINING TABLE 1591-3600 Glass Top 1592-3600 Glass Umbrella Top 1591-3600-RT Rough Tex Acrylic Top 1592-3600-RT Rough Tex Acrylic Umbrella Top 1591-3600-NO Nova Aluminum Top 1592-3600-NO Nova Aluminum Umbrella Top 1591-3600-PY Pylon Aluminum Top 1592-3600-PY Pylon Aluminum Umbrella Top 1591-3600-SO Solid Aluminum Top 1592-3600-SO Solid Aluminum Umbrella Top RD 36 • H 28 42" ROUND DINING TABLE 1591-4200 Glass Top 1592-4200 Glass Umbrella Top 1591-4200-RT Rough Tex Acrylic Top 1592-4200-RT Rough Tex Acrylic Umbrella Top 1591-4200-NO Nova Aluminum Top 1592-4200-NO Nova Aluminum Umbrella Top 1591-4200-PY Pylon Aluminum Top 1592-4200-PY Pylon Aluminum Umbrella Top 1591-4200-SO Solid Aluminum Top 1592-4200-SO Solid Aluminum Umbrella Top RD 42 • H 28

48" ROUND DINING TABLE 1591-4800 Glass Top 1592-4800 Glass Umbrella Top 1591-4800-RT Rough Tex Acrylic Top 1592-4800-RT Rough Tex Acrylic Umbrella Top 1591-4800-NO Nova Aluminum Top 1592-4800-NO Nova Aluminum Umbrella Top 1591-4800-PY Pylon Aluminum Top 1592-4800-PY Pylon Aluminum Umbrella Top 1591-4800-SO Solid Aluminum Top 1592-4800-SO Solid Aluminum Umbrella Top RD 48 • H 28 54" ROUND DINING TABLE 1591-5400 Glass Top 1592-5400 Glass Umbrella Top 1591-5400-RT Rough Tex Acrylic Top 1592-5400-RT Rough Tex Acrylic Umbrella Top 1591-5400-NO Nova Aluminum Top 1592-5400-NO Nova Aluminum Umbrella Top 1591-5400-PY Pylon Aluminum Top 1592-5400-PY Pylon Aluminum Umbrella Top 1591-5400-SO Solid Aluminum Top 1592-5400-SO Solid Aluminum Umbrella Top RD 54 • H 28 60" ROUND DINING TABLE 1591-6000 Glass Top 1592-6000 Glass Umbrella Top 1591-6000-RT Rough Tex Acrylic Top 1592-6000-RT Rough Tex Acrylic Umbrella Top 1591-6000-NO Nova Aluminum Top 1592-6000-NO Nova Aluminum Umbrella Top 1591-6000-PY Pylon Aluminum Top 1592-6000-PY Pylon Aluminum Umbrella Top 1591-6000-SO Solid Aluminum Top 1592-6000-SO Solid Aluminum Umbrella Top RD 60 • H 28

42" X 72" DINING TABLE 1591-4272 Glass Top 1592-4272 Glass Umbrella Top 1591-4272-RT Rough Tex Acrylic Top 1592-4272-RT Rough Tex Acrylic Umbrella Top 1591-4272-NO Nova Aluminum Top 1592-4272-NO Nova Aluminum Umbrella Top 1591-4272-PY Pylon Aluminum Top 1592-4272-PY Pylon Aluminum Umbrella Top 1591-4272-SO Solid Aluminum Top 1592-4272-SO Solid Aluminum Umbrella Top W 42 • L 72 • H 28




Tables are available in all finishes. Tables are available with Aluminum or Glass tops.

Smooth Rough (SR)

Solid (SO)

Clear (C)

Nova (NO)

Pylon (PY)

Solar Grey (SG)

Rough Tex (RT)

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