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Voices of RPIA


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Andy first got involved with CANFAR in 1991 because his brother-in-law and good friend was an active member of the gay community, and Andy and his wife, Valerie, were concerned about this then little-known, stigmatized, and deadly disease. He became involved first as a donor, then as a board member, president since 1995, and later serving as Chairman. He has seen this disease go from an almost certain death sentence to a somewhat manageable disease to today’s experience of a chronic illness. It is still a challenging disease to live with, but the organization has made significant progress in 35 years and is still working to improve HIV testing in Canada, find the next generation of medicines, and perhaps even a vaccine. The CANFAR experience has been a long journey, but also a very rewarding one.

“We in the investment business are generally extraordinarily lucky to be in such a vibrant and profitable career, and I think that good

fortune demands that we spend time giving back. Second, I find that in each organization and cause that I get involved with, while I may expend considerable time and money, in every single case, I find I have received far more in return in terms of experience, knowledge, understanding, and new friends and connections. Indeed, I find that giving back is truly one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, and I would encourage everybody in their own time and in their own way to find the causes that are important to them and get engaged.”

- Andy Pringle, on why he spends so much time engaged in not-for-profits.

CANFAR Bloor Street Entertains 2018/19.

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