Voices of RPIA - 2021


Voices of RPIA

In Our Community




1. Village women near Lalibela, Ethiopia registering the birth of their child. Prior to the UNICEF-funded project, less than 5% of births in Ethiopia were registered, approximately 2.9 million children born each year were not legally recognised. Birth registration ensures children will have access to social and economic services including health, social assistance, and education. Later in childhood, identity documents help protect children against early

marriage, child labour, and premature enlistment in the armed forces. 2. Local women’s council meeting - rural village near Lalibela, Ethiopia.

3. LAND OF THE ANCESTORS: After nearly 50 years, Thaidene Nëné is an Indigenous Protected Area that was designated by the Łutsël K’é Dene First Nation in 2019. As Nature United’s keystone program in the NWT, this First Nations-led conservation vision will not only protect over 6 million acres but guide the creation of all other modern protected areas throughout the NWT and Canada.

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