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Ride to Conquer Cancer

Head of Compliance & CCO

I bought a road bike when I was “voluntold” to join the 2017 RPIA Ride to Conquer Cancer Team. I certainly had never ridden 200+ km in support of anything, but the experience was transforming. It was fantastic to be part of such an amazing event and realizing how it was possible to make a difference in something bigger than yourself. Since then, in addition to doing more RTCC’s as part of Team RPIA, my love for cycling has been a great way to increase my involvement in several other important initiatives. Covid paused live rides, but I was able to continue with virtual events like Crush Covid in support of my local Toronto hospital’s mental health program, which is a topic I know has touched many of our lives during the pandemic. This summer, I was able to get back on the road to support fundraising efforts for Pediatric Brain Cancer Research through Bike for Kids. Staying active has certainly helped me through the pandemic. Knowing I can use it to support others through worthy causes in our community while positively impacting my own physical and mental health has been remarkable. I hope to continue supporting as many initiatives as possible and get more of the terrific and generous people at RPIA involved in future events.

Team RPIA at RTCC.

Over the past few years, Martin Erasmus, Caroline Cathcart, Dannielle Ullrich, Mike Quinn, Jacky Chu, Cynthia Kassabian, Lorne Creighton, Liam O’Sullivan, and Brian Tinney have participated in the RPIA Team at Ride to Conquer Cancer.

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