Voices of RPIA - 2021


Voices of RPIA


Richard Pilosof Principal, Chief Executive Officer

As we enter the final quarter of 2021, I look back with gratitude at what we’ve accomplished during the past 12 years, especially in the face of recent challenges in the last few years that required us to grow and adapt at an unprecedented rate. As an executive team, my partners and I have always wanted this firm to be a collection of talented professionals working together to help our clients. We highly value maintaining a flat corporate structure because it allows us to remain agile and collaborative. We achieve this by promoting open collaboration, mentoring one another, pushing ourselves to be in a constant state of learning, and bringing our best to work every day. I believe this is the optimal way to grow our team – investing in talent and nurturing them to thrive within the firm. Over a year and a half ago, the world shifted in so many ways. Since then, we have experienced what seems like decades of change and growth compressed into a short period. In the face of these challenges, we adapted to working from home while maintaining the high level of collaboration that I think makes this firm great. I am tremendously proud of the team for all that we’ve been able to accomplish despite the restrictions and distance. What started as a handful of investors has grown into a firm with over 80 full-time permanent team members, bringing their expertise from various fields to help us grow and continue to serve our clients with best-in-class products and services. Throughout all of these changes, we’ve remained true to who we are. Our goal continues to be developing partnerships with our clients, serving with excellence, integrity, and transparency as they entrust us with their capital. Our teams help bring this mission to life with a strong dedication to their roles as we continue to think ahead and adapt to the evolving world around us. At RPIA, community is very important to us, both within and outside the firm. We strive to give back to our community by supporting the causes that our employees and clients hold dear to their hearts. We believe it is our duty to support and enrich the world around us, not just with our money but also with our time, talent, and voices as we volunteer, educate, and speak up for what matters. This publication illustrates RPIA’s passion for having an inclusive and open culture, doing good through our work, and empowering our employees as they become leaders in the causes they care about. I hope you enjoy learning more about what we do and how the many voices of RPIA are speaking up for what they believe in.

Best Wishes, Richard

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