Voices of RPIA - 2021


Voices of RPIA

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Mentorship Program Our mentorship program focuses on building cross- functional relationships between senior leaders and junior members. This program has become the bedrock of a myriad of growth and learning opportunities. Virtual Counseling Our employees are so much more than their work, so we offer virtual counseling Lunch & Learn Series Our firm consists of talented and passionate people who love to share their knowledge. Our Lunch and Learn series allows that expertise to be passed on as we continue to work towards excellence. employees through socials, volunteering opportunities, weekly Spotify playlists, a monthly Book Club, and much more! Social Committee Our Social Committee comes up with fun ways to engage all services to all team members to help them manage Work- From-Home and personal priorities.

Investment Committee The Investment Committee sets the investment strategy for each of the funds RPIA manages. The committee consists of senior professionals from the Portfolio Management, Risk, and Client Relationship teams. As part of their regular monitoring, the Investment Committee reviews risks across portfolios, evaluates changes to the funds’ positioning, and determines future risk parameters the portfolios should have to achieve their goals. Risk Committee The Risk Committee consists of senior Risk, Portfolio Management, Compliance personnel, and management advisors. The committee sets the risk frameworks for each of the funds and evaluates all risks faced by the funds and the firm. Risks may be economic (e.g things that may cause a decrease in the value of the funds’ investments), or non- economic (e.g. things that may impact the reputation of the firm or cause operational or ESG concerns).

Allyship Committee The Allyship Committee is grassroots volunteerism at its core. It is a safe place where all RPIA employees can listen and learn to become better allies. Each month, we focus on a different cause through presentations from organizations, individuals from equity seeking groups, or engaging with the local community through acts of kindness and volunteer work. chaired by Mike Quinn, Chief Investment Officer, and helps set and update the firm’s ESG Philosophy, research and recommend new beneficial industry associations, and consider the adoption of new industry standards. IT Steering Committee The IT Steering Committee is chaired by Dannielle Ullrich, Chief Operating & Financial Officer. It determines the strategic vision for Information Technology at the firm, approves ESG Committee The ESG Committee is the implementation set forth by Cezar Gheorghe, Head of Technology, and provides the Technology team with feedback on IT Operations.

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