Voices of RPIA - 2021


Voices of RPIA

In Our Firm

The Allyship Committee’s goal is to inspire all of us to do our part and act against social inequality and injustice. Our combined efforts will help activate our mission to learn more about the topics we discussed with the purpose of becoming better allies in both our personal and professional lives.

How we fulfill our promise

Who we are

We are a group of passionate individuals, and our promise is to help amplify the voices of those who are disproportionately disadvantaged and marginalized based on their race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and disabilities.

• Through acts of solidarity when we witness an injustice. • Through active educating and learning by sharing and listening to the perspectives and lived experiences of others. • Through organizing and mobilizing our work community in acts of voluntarism in support of causes we believe in. Each month we host learning events with guest speakers. We work with not-for-profit organizations and community partners to coordinate volunteer and charity work opportunities for our employees to take part.

Some topics and causes that individual members have committed to acting upon are:

• Diversity and Inclusion in the alternative investment industry. • Providing a learning forum on non-binary inclusivity. • Educating ourselves on the topic of Truth and Reconciliation. • Promoting ways to support local businesses. • Finding ways to provide mentorship to women and individuals from minority backgrounds entering finance. • Providing a learning forum on addressing and accommodating individuals with visible and non-visible disabilities. • Volunteering time and resources to support new Canadians. • Provide a forum for open and safe discussion around gender bias and inequality in the finance industry and what we can do to help move the dial.

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