Safety News October 2019

Oct. 2019

Safety News Lee Industrial Contracting

Taking Safety Home Pat Williams, Project Manager

Choosing the Right PPE for Electrical Work How to prevent injury from arc flash Taryn Sabey, Safety Representative Corrosion, insulation breakdown, and lack of preventative maintenance during electrical work can be extremely hazardous. These issues increase the risk for arc faults which can lead to electrical explosions. An arc flash is when light and heat are emitted from the explosion. An arc blast is a pressure wave that can expel heated metal at speeds of over 600 mph. Arc flashes can reach up to 35,000 degrees F and cause fatalities up to 10 feet away from the source.

I have worked for Lee Contracting for almost four years. In this time, I have heard reoccurring concepts that are commonly used in Toolbox Talks or Safety Start-Up Meetings. Some of these concepts got me thinking. In our workplace, we have safety practices and PPE that allow us to go home at the end of the day with all of our fingers and toes, but

what are some general safety practices that we can use outside of work? Until recently, my family and I lived in a neighborhood with sidewalks and street lights. We recently moved to a new area as my daughter is starting school and plan on living in this home for awhile. However, this area has limited sidewalks and scarce lighting. Each day, my wife walks our dog and as the nights get longer, she noticed that while walking (sometimes with our daughter) cars may have a hard time seeing her. When she returned home one evening, she asked me if I had any reflective gear that she could wear to help passing drivers see her. I immediately said, “Yes! I carry an extra safety vest in my truck for road side emergencies.” As I showed her what I had, she became excited about having this reflective vest for when she’s walking at night (as well as the extra pockets). It was then that a light bulb went off in my head — this is what it means to bring safety home. As I continued to think about it, I thought, there has to be many other safety practices that we can apply at home in order to help ourselves and our loved ones stay safe. I encourage everyone to think of one way to bring safety home with you. Contact the Safety department and tell us your ideas of how you bring safety home, and you’ll earn a safety hard hat sticker and have your ideas featured in the next issue of Safety News.

When opening any electrical panel, proper PPE and barricades need to be used to provide safety to the immediate workers and the surrounding areas.

Matt Ahlgren , Air Compressor Foreman, wears a cateogry 4 arc flash suit while disconnecting electrical from a compressor and transformer.

Transform Automotive: T&M Maintenance Assistance Recognizing Outstanding Safety

First Aid / CPR / AED: Re-Certification Wednesday, November 13, 2019 6 a.m. - 7:30 a.m. Hilti Powder-Actuated Fastening Tuesday, November 19, 2019 6 a.m. - 7:30 a.m. Upcoming Safety Training

“I’ve conducted several site visits to Transform Automotive and each time this crew has represented LIC extremely well. PTPs, equipment inspections, etc. are always completed. PPE use has always exceeded the requirements of the site and typically the task at hand as well. John and Shawn are always positive, engaged, and receptive to any input and advice I’ve offered. Kudos to these two for their hard work and dedication to both safety and LIC.” — Dennis Mosher, Safety Representative

John Herr (Mobile Crew), Shawn Kline (Machine Repair)

At Lee Industrial Contracting, our mission is to provide a safe environment for our employees, customers and visitors. We strive to eliminate unsafe behaviors and conditions and will work together to protect our customers, ourselves and each other by promoting a culture of shared responsibility with focus on continuous improvement of our safety program through the open exchange of suggestions, ideas and concerns.

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