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It’s not uncommon to stagnate and find yourself just going through the motions at some point in your career. The more expertise and experience you get in your field, the more settled you become. The disease of mediocrity plagues us all, but I think what Christine and I have creates a mutual breeding ground of ambition. We’re always looking for ways to better serve our clients and our communities. To do that, we have to invest in ourselves. That’s why I took off to Texas for Medi-Cal training. I saw a teaser for a two-day training seminar with 10-hour courses each day, which is right up my alley. When we look at estate plans, there’s a spice cabinet of tactics to choose from to protect assets. The know-how to use the ones that work in harmony with each other is what defines a competent attorney. There’s one tactic that few lawyers in our area understand: how to maneuver assets in such a way as to qualify for Medi-Cal properly. OUR SECRETWEAPON: AN INCESSANT DESIRE TO LEARN How Surf City Is Growing in All Aspects

techniques I learned at the course in Texas can preserve anywhere from 64–100 percent of your holdings. Without getting too technical, this method allows us to protect more of your assets, more of your life, and more of your future. When combined with our continuing education in other areas, our service offerings become not only more varied but better for all our clients.

In the meantime, Christine has certainly not been sitting on her hands. For those of you who know her, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. She’s pushing our marketing forward in ways I never could have imagined. YouTube videos, seminars, and new courses are just the beginning of what she’s doing. The content is something that has me particularly excited. I think a lot of businesses are quick to try to put out these slick videos with a boring talking head that spouts off a

bunch of facts. That’s just not us. The videos feature Crochet Corner, Winedown Wednesday, and other activities that make our practice truly unique.

Whatever we do as a firm to move forward, we do together. We’re always trying to add new practices to get better at what we do, but it all stems from a shared belief that it’s what’s best for the client. We want to be teachers for those in need of what we can share. A big part of that is knowing what we’re capable of. If you have clients who could benefit from an expert in Medi-Cal, please reach out to us. Even if we can’t help them, we can definitely do some crocheting or have a glass of wine. I think that’s a pretty solid alternative.

“We’re always looking for ways to better serve our clients and our communities.”

There are only about 18 attorneys in California who can truly get every inch out of Medi-Cal. Most lawyers use a method called “half-a-loaf” to protect about 50 percent of your assets. The

–Anna Serrambana

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