Speciality Coffee Equipment Solutions by Ue Coffee Roasters

The newest addition to the Victoria Arduino Black Eagle line, the Maverick, offers a variety of functions to enhance barista productivity. Its larger boilers are particularly useful in high volume settings, while the programmable shot buttons allow for efficient water dispensing. Moreover, the Pure Brew feature enables the creation of a filter-like coffee, Long Black, or Americano, or even tea using special baskets and with a simple button push. Maverick presents numerous options for quick and efficient service. With cutting-edge technology, the Black Eagle Maverick is now 40% more energy-efficient than its predecessor, the VA388 Black Eagle. Both volumetric and gravimetric versions are available, but we recommend the gravimetric option with an Easy Steam wand for increased barista effectiveness and multitasking in busy locations. Presenting the Black Eagle Maverick a remarkably intelligent and effortlessly user-friendly espresso machine that surpasses all its predecessors in design and functionality.


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