Speciality Coffee Equipment Solutions by Ue Coffee Roasters

The Victoria Arduino machine, a classic in the industry, has undergone upgrades such as displays on each group head and enhanced boiler insulation and efficiency. It is now available in T3 or gravimetric versions and can also be equipped with Easy Steam wands. Due to its outstanding build quality, reliability, and user-friendliness, the VA388 has become a benchmark in the field. Whilst each business has unique considerations, the T3 version is typically the preferred option for excellent value. However, if lower running costs are a priority, the newer Eagle One is a viable alternative. For those who require a gravimetric machine, the Black Eagle Maverick, with its integrated scales and advanced technologies such as Pure Brew, may be the ideal choice. Not only is it 40% more energy efficient, but it also helps to reduce your power bills and your coffee’s carbon footprint. For those who devote themselves to coffee and strive to create a genuine coffee experience in every cup, the VA388 Black Eagle is the espresso machine of choice.


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