Speciality Coffee Equipment Solutions by Ue Coffee Roasters

The Rocket R9V, an exceptional commercial espresso machine that boasts advanced technology such as pressure profiling, fully saturated group, and triple boiler. This ultimate machine offers complete control over every shot with adjustable pressure and temperature control through PID’s. You can create and save pressure profiles and match them with volumetrics for unparalleled consistency. Each group has its separate fully saturated stainless steel coffee brew boiler, digital shot timer, and programmable temperatures. With pressure transducer technology, you can enjoy instant boiler pressure recovery for faster steam power and recovery time. The high capacity stainless steel service boiler has a hot water optimiser, whilst the machine comes with lever steam valves, cold touch steam wands, and an automatic backflush cycle. The R9V distinguishes itself in the world of professional machines by offering an array of features. Its multi-boiler system, PID functionality, pre-infusion, and shot timers enable baristas to achieve uniform and reproducible outcomes, cup after cup, through the saturated groups.


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