Speciality Coffee Equipment Solutions by Ue Coffee Roasters

Our comprehensive aftercare program




We fully set up your new machine and takecare of all the water connections. Your espresso machine will be fully calibrated to work with your chosen chosen and cup sizes, so that you and your customers are enjoying optimum coffee quality.

In order to maintain the optimal flavour of your coffee, tea and hot water, and to prevent the accumulation of scale, we make it a regular practice to advise you when it’s time to replace your machine’s BRITA water filter during the entire term of our relationship.

Whether your coffee equipment needs a little extra attention or repair, our team of technical and support experts are always available to assist you. Same-day support, guaranteed call-out times, and frequent check-ins by your wholesale partner relationship manager. Our field-based professionals are on hand to provide you with the TLC your coffee and equipment requires.



To ensure that you maximise the benefits of your newly acquired espresso equipment, we offer free coffee training with your staff either on location or at our coffee school located at our roastery. If you choose to work with us in allowing us to supply your house coffee, this is followed up every six weeks, with both one on one or group training sessions at a time and date that works for you. During each visit we will check all your dose settings and volumetrics on your espresso machine, making sure that you are acheiving optium extraction standards at all times.

We offer regular deep clean visits throughout the duration of our agreement to ensure that your machine remains clean and free from coffee oil buildup. Furthermore, if you have taken out an extended aftercare agreement, you won’t have to worry about covering the costs of your service parts and labour - we’ve got you covered.

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