Speciality Coffee Equipment Solutions by Ue Coffee Roasters

The legacy of coffee that brings about positivity

The alliance between coffee and conservation is now an imperative partnership that aims to prioritise the prosperity of both farmers and the land they work on, along with ensuring that you get a quality product in your cup. Ue Coffee Roasters have established a mutualistic bond with Biomma, our farmers, and fairtrade cooperatives to enhance the welfare of farmers and their communities. Our efforts extend beyond providing fair compensation for the coffee produced, as we also aim to facilitate the growth of surrounding forests. To provide the best possible support, it is imperative to have knowledge of the issues faced by farming cooperatives. Ue Coffee Roasters only gained an in-depth understanding of these challenges through physical visits to our farmers. Through our long-standing trading relationships with Biomma, we have been able to support the successful

management of two thriving farms in the rainforest reserves of Honduras and Colombia. These farms present their own unique challenges and opportunities, but with the collaboration of our esteemed customers, Ue Coffee Roasters has made significant contributions to their reforestation efforts. Our efforts have included the planting of native trees to protect and provide shade for our harvests, as well as repurposing coffee cherry pulp into organic fertiliser. As a result of these initiatives, we have witnessed the flourishing of native wildflowers and the return of various species of native birds and bees to coexist alongside other habitats.

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