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A staf of eight dedicated Christian psycholo­ gists and professional counselors. Evaluation and therapy for personality, emotional, behavioral, spiritual, pre-marriage, marriage, parent-child, vocational, and educational problems. Feesare minimum. DR. CLYDE M. NARRAMORE, Director PHONE MU 1-5669 THE CHRISTIAN COUNSELING CENTER 35 So. Raymond Pasadena, Calif.


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Lord Jesus Christ?” It will always disarm the person to whom you are speaking. A man answered me one day, “Well, that isn’t the question, Mr. Rosell. It’s ‘What does the Lord think about me?’ ” The response to that little key sentence is amazing. Don’t ever argue with anybody. Don’t discuss complicated issues. Be familiar with the use of this little protective th ou gh t, “ Friend, I don’t know about that, I merely want to talk about the Lord Jesus Christ.” Then, it would be well to have ready a closing statement to sum it all up. “My friend, why don’t you pray about it? God will give you the right answer.” You will be amazed at the way the Holy Spirit will bless your prayerful efforts for the glory of God. Q. “ Witnessing is for preachers. I just can’t do it. Does the Bible say anywhere that I should?” A . Yes, indeed it does. Acts 22:14, 15, “ God . . . hath chosen thee that thou shouldest know His will, and see that Just One, and shouldest hear the voice of his mouth. For thou shalt be his witness unto all men of what thou hast seen and heard.” You don’t have to preach. All you have to do is tell what has happened in your heart and life. My, if the Chris­ tian only feared God as much as he fears what man might think of him, great things would be accomplished for Christ. Q. “ Being reared in a Christian home, I can’t remember when I came to know Christ as my Saviour. 1 seem to have a weak spot in my testi­ mony since I can’t give any actual dates." A . The proof of salvation comes not from a page off the calendar, but a page out of God’s eternal Word, the Bible. Regeneration is from the heart. The fruit of the Spirit must be evident along with a life that is fully trusting in the power of Christ unto salvation. If you are truly born again, it will be shown by your every action and habit of life.

Q. “ Is it wrong to marry against parental disapproval if the prospec­ tive mate is a born-again Christian? My parents are both Christians, too." A . A lot of youngsters have said to me, “ Merv, what difference does it make? I’m not going to marry his parents.” Actually after 25 years of counselling, I am quite convinced that you do marry the parents. Of course, you primarily marry the one you love, but the parents will be in­ volved as long as you live. It will be so much better if you have married according to the convinced approval of those you love. In your heart you will want to love the parents of your intended mate. Much unhappiness and grief can come when families gather, if you have gone against parental wishes. Pray about it. Nothing is impossible with God. The Lord can change the minds of your parents and convince them that this is the right one, if he is. Q. “Do you think that there is any appropriate set age for getting mar­ ried?" A . No. Actually people are so dif­ ferent, I am quite convinced that age makes a difference only in some cases. Emotional stability, heredity, education, maturity — all of these things enter the picture. There would be less divorce in our nation if these very basic facts were taken into con­ sideration. Certainly the most impor­ tant “ cement” for any marriage is true love, based wholly upon a foun­ dational belief in our Lord. Q. “How does one overcome a fear of people so that he may witness to them about the Lord Jesus Christ?” A . The difficulty is that most people are so frightened that they might open their mouths and say the wrong thing. That’s why I always try to use an opening line, no matter whom I meet, regardless of that person’s walk of life. I don’t talk about the weather, hoping eventually to get around to spiritual things. Here’s the key sentence I have used through the years: “What do you think of the


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26 Y E A R S

O N T H E L O S l 2 éL méefostmstm CONRAD JENSEN


by Deputy Inspector C. S. Jensen, N. Y. C. Police Department, Retired

M r * *

A REVEALING LOOK at the rapidly decaying morals of our society as seen firsthand by a veteran police officer. In this fascinating book the chilling re­ alities of life are clearly etched and the Scriptural solutions are pentratingly ap­ plied. PAPERBACK ED ITION 85c A COPY

To: AMERICAN TR A C T SOCIETY Oradell, New Jersey 07649

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AMERICAN TR A C T SOCIETY Oradell, New Jersey 07649


JUNE, 1965

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