King's Business - 1965-06


In Part I of this Series it was shown that the Bible is not on ly completely up-to- date, but also that it is the only book which lifts the veil of the future, revealing how this age will end government- ally, p o lit ic a lly , religiously and m ora lly. M o r e o v e r , through the ages, the Scrip­ tures have proven to be the only reliable source of spir- | itual light and moral strength for mankind. One of the strongest rea­ sons for believing the Bible to be in fact the very Word of God is its endorsement by the Lord Jesus Christ H im s e lf ■ (Luke 2U:27; John 16:12,13). A second undeniable reason is the te s t im o n y of fulfilled prophecy. Some of the three hundred prophecies of the de­ tails of the incarnation, death and resurrection of C h r is t were quoted, as evidence. Part II then covered the Bible prophecies with regard to “God’s time clock,” the na­ tion of Israel; the predictions concerning the G en tile na­ tions, and many other “ signs of the times” which have been fulfilled to the letter exactly as God by His Spirit pre­ wrote history. Other proofs that the Bible is the Word of God were add­ ed, such as its m a rv e lou s unity, although written over a period of 1500 years, com­ posed of 66 books, written by 40 different authors in at least three different languages; its matchless perfection and its scientific accuracy. In th is final section further evidence that the Scriptures are God’s own message for man will be furnished.

Another irrefutable mark of di­ vine inspiration is the Bible’s inde­ structibility. No literature, no book, has ever been attacked as the Bible has. From the beginning to its exist­ ence, until the dawn of the present century; yea, until this very time, this wonderful Book, the Bible, has been fought by skeptics, atheists, and agnostics of all kinds. Many of these men have had keen intellects and silver tongues. And yet—with all that — this Book has stood all the storms; and still it stands. Its pages are brighter than gold; its sway is stronger than all of Satan’s hosts. Ridicule and blasphemous unbelief; water, fire and sword—none of these things has been able to get rid of the Bible. And none ever will! Some time ago a party of tourists went to see the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor. It stands 325 feet high. We are told that twelve people can stand inside the hand. One of the tourists went into that hand, and then into the head. As he looked at its great light, he saw about one hundred dead sparrows lying on the ledge of that light. Turning to the guide, he asked, “Have you a sparrow trap up here?” “No,” the guide answered. “ Is there any poison up here to kill these birds?” the visitor asked again. “No.” “ Then what killed the sparrows?” The guide explained that, on the preceding night, a storm had driven the birds toward the light. Their tiny wings, caught in the hurricane, flew on and on toward the only light shin­ ing in that dark storm. The sparrows had beaten their helpless wings against that great light until they were dead. But the light shone on! The dying wings of the Voltaires, the


JUNE, 1965

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