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66 W e are living in one of the most momentous, tragic,

uncertain periods of the world’s history. Still, the Bible is the most up-to-date Book in the world . 99

atonement, His bodily resurrection, His ascension into heaven, and His second coming to reign upon the earth. And these fundamentals of our faith constitute the very reason why the Bible is superior to all man­ made books. The latter have no Saviour from sin; the Bible presents the only Saviour—for time and for all eternity. The story is told of a young wom­ an who was given a book to read. She did not know the author; and as she turned the pages, she fell asleep over what others considered an in­ tensely interesting volume. To her it was dull and confused. Then one day she met the author of the book, a young man who was personally at­ tractive to her, as she was to him. Again she picked up the book and began to read. This time the pages fairly glowed with interest; and she read the book through — not once, but many times. She had fallen in love with the author of the book! My friend, do you see the analogy? The unsaved man finds no living, vital interest in the Book of books. He may read it for its ethical teach­ ings. He may read it to tear it to pieces, setting up his own little in­ tellect against the eternal Word of God. He may even say, as countless thousands do say, seeking to excuse themselves for evident indifference toward it, “ I cannot understand the Bible.” But let that man come face to face with the Author of the Book; let him come to know Him in all His love and grace; and the Bible takes on an interest and a power that no other book in all the world can match. Do you love the Author of the Bible, my friend? If you do not, then ask Him to enter your heart, and teach you His Word. Then the Bible will become immeasurably pre­ cious and wonderful to your soul!

error; (2) part of the truth, not the whole truth; and (3) less truth, all put together, than that found in the Bible. On the contrary, the Word of God contains: (1) Only truth, and no error; (2) it contains all truth; and (3) it contains more truth than all the false religions have mingled with gross heresy and paganism and wickedness. I once listened to an ordained Protestant minister in a position of high authority in the city of Chi­ cago. He was giving a series of so- called Bible lessons to a group of Christian workers. Among other blasphemous things, he asked, “Why should we go to pagan lands with Christianity? The people of those lands have their own religions; and they are as good as ours.” When a born-again member of his audience asked, during the open forum, what about the Christ of the Bible and His blood-atonement for the soul, the speaker answered with cold cynicism and bitter sarcasm that only the childish and weak-minded believed that fable any more! It is because of such false teach­ ers as that man that Christians in every age should “ hold forth the Word of life” in unwavering, un­ flinching boldness. All the Bible needs is a chance to get into the hearts of men; it will bear its own fruit; it will not return unto God void. It is “ living, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword.” (See Heb. 4:12.) Our task is only to tell it and tell it and tell it again to a world that sits in darkness and in ignorance of what the Bible says. Every false system of religious teaching strikes at one or more of the fundamentals of our faith, such as the deity of Christ, His virgin birth, His sinless life, His super­ natural miracles, His v ica r iou s

Humes, the Ingersols, the Tom Paynes, have beaten themselves against God’s eternal Book, but the old Light still shines on! That is why I believe the Bible. Man cannot de­ stroy it. My friend, let me urge you to give this wonderful Book its right place in your life and in your home. TH E UNIVERSAL APPEAL OF TH E BIBLE Another proof of the divine in­ spiration of the Bible is its univer­ sal appeal to the human heart. It has been translated into more than 1,000 languages and dialects. It meets hu­ man needs, in every nation and in every country. Rich and poor, edu­ cated and illiterate, master and slave —all alike share the message it bears of the only Saviour of sinners; and all who love Him thrill to the in­ spired message it bears! It is the world’s best seller, and has been for a long, long time. These facts are all the more remarkable in view of Satan’s violent and repeated at­ tempts to obliterate it from the mind of men. They tell us, beyond contro­ versy, that the Bible is the inspired Word of the living God. TH E SUPERIORITY OF TH E BIBLE OVER ALL OTHER BOOKS Dr. R. A. Torrey once said three striking truths about the superiority of the Bible over all other books. Followers of pagan and apostate re­ ligions have often asked why the books of the founders of their sys­ tems of teaching are not as good as the Bible. This is one of Satan’s subtle attacks, in seeking to under­ mine the Word of God in the minds of the unbelieving world. In answer to such questions as these, Dr. Torrey said, in part, that the teach­ ing of Buddha, Zoroaster, Confucius, Mohammed, and others contain: (1) Some truth, but truth mixed with



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