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the heart of a child

by Sue Palmer

T o the elementary school teacher is given a daily visual commentary on the words of the Lord Jesus in Matthew 18:3 "Verily l say unto you. Except ye be converted, and be­

The day’s feelings fall by the wayside each night. Children want to please. Children freely tell the ones they love that they love them.

come as litle children, ye shall not enter in­ to the kingdom of heaven.” W ate h- ing her pup ils working at their desks, p lay ing , eating, quarreling and f o r g iv ing , she sees specific illustra­ tions of what it means to "become as little chil dren.”

Children ask. They tell you when they want or need some­ thing.

When a child is chastised, he usu­ a l l y knows the reason. He knows P | when he deserves a F spanking. A child will say he is sorry. He has little pride. A child feels wanted if he is disciplined. He knows someone cares.

Children have faith that never questions or doubts. Children expect the im­ possible to occur. They are oblivious to circumstances which seem to hinder. Children forgive quickly and seldom hold a grudge. Children do not dwell on unpleasant things.

A child is dependent. He is in the hands of those who pro­ vide for him.

"Whoso ever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 18:4). — From “ The Teacher’ ’


JUNE, 1965

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