King's Business - 1965-06

TH E AFTERMATH Scripture: Judges chapters 8 & 9. Text: vs. 27; “ A snare unto Gideon.” Object: To show carefulness needed to make victory complete. Definition: Ephod — an official garment for the high priest Introduction: Gideon’s Government.

1. The People’s Motion. 2. The Ruler’s Mistake. a. Made an idol. b. Many wives. c. Many sons. I. Gideon’s Lapse, 8:15-312. A. Initial Loyalty, 15-23. B. Idolatrous Lapse, 24-27. C. Iniquitous Lust, 28-31. II. Israel’s Loss, 8:32-9:21.

A. Apostasy, 8:32, 33. B. Apathy, 8:34, 35. C. Abimelech, 9:1-21.

1. Elimination of the brethren, 1-5. 2. Elevation of the bastard, 6. 3. Eloquence of the brother, 7-21. a. Parable of the trees, 7-15. b. Punishment of ingratitude, 16-21. B. Culpability of Shechem, 9:23-24. C. Conduct of war, 25-40. D. Conquest of Shechem, 41-52. E. Conclusion for all, 52-55. 1. Death of Abimelech, 52-55. 2. Reward of God, 56, 57. 1. The Wickedness of Abimelech. 2. The Curse of Jothan. TH E SON AND SUN A Contrast 1. The Sun— center o f universe The Son— Col. 1:16-19. Pre-eminent in all things. 2. The Sun— dispels the darkness. The Son— Jno. 8:12. The Light of the world. 3. The Sun—-destroyer o f disease. The Son — Mt. 9:12. The Great Physician. Mai. 4:2. Healing in His wings. 4. The Sun— Source o f energy. The Son— I Cor. 1:24. The power of God. 5. The Sun— essential to life. The Son— I John 5:12. He that hath the Son hath life. 6. The Sun—ministers to the earth. The Son— Heb. 13:30. Shepherd of the sheep. Phil. 4:19. Supplies all needs. — R. S. Beal TH E KING'S BUSINESS III. Revolt’s Levy, 9:22-57. A. Curse of Jothan, 20-22. Conclusion: Gideon’s Generation.


JU N E 2 7 -JU L Y 3— B IOLA CAMPUS . LA M IR AD A Speakers: Dr. Walter L. Wilson, and Dr. and Mrs. Charles J. (Doreen Shaw) Woodbridge. No charge made for rooms, your best vacation buy! A U G U S T 8-14— M O U N T HERMON , CA L IFOR N IA Speakers: Dr. Ralph L. Keiper and Dr. W. Robert Smith, with soloist Joyce Landorf. Reservations fill early. Make your plans now for this week! A U G U S T 22-29— TH E FIRS, BELL INGHAM , W A S H IN G TO N Speakers: Dr. Ralph L. Keiper, Dr. W. Robert Smith, and Dr. Samuel H. Sutherland, with soloist Joyce Landorf. An unusual program of fellowship! For descriptive folders and further information, write to Department of Conferences BIOLA, 13800 Biola Are., La Mirada, Calif.

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