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The appendix is rich in material which has been used in the church situation. Examples are: rules and policies of a Christian Education Committee, standing policies of a young peoples’ society, job analysis of church school personnel, a pro­ gram of development of potential leadership, and a church calendar. This book is very significant in that it is probably the first of its kind to apply principles of adminis­ tration directly to the organization of a local church. Undoubtedly other texts will follow which will build and improve on this beginning. The text is highly recommended for all who are interested in administration. It should be included in the library of all those who are in charge of Chris­ tian education in the local church. 227 pages; cloth; Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., Grand Rapids, Mich.; $3.95. — Reviewed by Dr. Kenneth D. Carlson. Things Which Become Sound Doctrine By Dwight Pentecost Fourteen great words of the Chris­ tian faith are expounded in simple, but not superficial, manner by the Professor of Bible Exposition and Head of the Department of Bible at Dallas Theological Seminary. Among the doctrines treated are grace, re­ generation, repentance, imputation, justification, security and resurrec­ tion. Abundant Scripture evidence is presented, and a personal question ends such discussion. 159 pages; cloth; Fleming H. Revell Co., West- wood, N.J.; $3.50. WHILE I LIVE by Otto Gruber. 116 pages; paper; Cowman Publications, Los Angeles; $ 1.50. One of few modern books on death — what it is, how to face it, and insight into it as a step into eternity. Done in the form of letters from a father to his son and daughter. Assistance of a number of medical authorities was elicited. LIGHT ON GREAT BIBLE THEMES by Hugh Robert Horne. 103 pages; cloth; Wm. B. Eerd­ mans Publishing Co., Grand Rapids; $2.50. These are doctrinal sermons on selected texts dealing with some of the great doctrines of the Bible — the incarnation, deity, resurrection, grace, faith, regeneration, etc. The author is pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Fort Smith, Ark. BEHIND TH E W ALL by Robert E. A . Lee. 169 pages; cloth; Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., Grand Rapids; $3.50. Story of two Germans, one from each side of the Berlin wall, and their struggles, political and spiritual. Documented from personal contact of the author on the scene. Recommended books are available from the Biola Book Room , 5 60 South Hope Street, Los Angeles; and on the La Mirada Campus, 13800 Biola Avenue. Handy mail order service is also available. F ree descriptive books and record catalogs will be sent upon request. BOOK ENDS_______ (A Review of Current Publications)

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JUNE, 1965

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