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Science and the Bible

by Bolton Davidheiser, Ph.D. Chairman, Science Division, Biola College


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I van P avlov is well known for his work in conditioning dogs. He found that if a light is flashed or a bell is rung as dogs are given food, they will learn to associate the light or bell with food, and then the sight o f the light or the sound o f the bell will cause them to drool saliva in­ voluntarily in the absence o f food. Pavlov was a poor man. In winter some of his dogs starved, and he had to stay in bed because he could not afford food and heat. But when Lenin heard of his experiments, he was summoned to the Kremlin and enter­ tained for three months as Lenin’s guest. At Lenin’s request he wrote a 400-page manuscript describing his research. It is reported that when he left, Lenin’s last words to him were that he had saved the Revolution and that through his researches the fu­ ture of world Communism was as­ sured. The explanation of this is that Lenin saw in his discoveries a means whereby people could be coerced into doing what they would never do nat­ urally. The journalist Edward Hunt­ er, who was the first to use the word brainwashing to describe the tech­ nique devised by the Communists from Pavlov’s work, says, “ Pavlov’s manuscript, which became the work­ ing basis for the whole communist expansion-control system, has never left the Kremlin.” Although Pavlov was openly an anti-Communist at a time when peo­ ple with much milder views were being severely punished, he was hon­ ored and flattered. A little city of laboratory buildings was constructed for him, and he was strongly encour­ aged to continue his studies. It is possible for people without discern­ ment to aid an evil cause and at the same time to believe that they are opposing it because they profess to disapprove of it. A recent well-documented booklet by David A. Noebel1tells that a Com­ munist scientist named A. R. Luria conducted extensive studies on chil­ dren and found that young children, can be retarded mentally through

hypnotism and certain kinds of mu­ sic. Parts of the nervous system can be damaged and tensions and neu­ roses can be induced. As a conse­ quence of the work of Pavlov and Luria, Communists contacted educa­ tors and entertainers in 1946 to initi­ ate “ a program scientifically designed to destroy American youth — men­ tally and emotionally.” Records with a hypnotic quality have been put out by an organization called Young Peo­ ple’s Records, and its subsidiary, Children’s Record Guild, “ cited nine times as subversive by various agen­ cies of our government.” Two prominent national maga­ zines have endorsed these records. Other publications which have en­ dorsed these recordings are: The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, Music Teacher’s Quarter­ ly, This Week Magazine, Grade Teacher, and also The Book-of-the- Month Club. Printed on some of the jackets is the statement: “ Approved by boards of education and in daily use in thousands of schools in all fifty states and Canada.” Dr. William J. Bryan, said to be America’s leading authority in the field of hypnosis2, has said that “ the devices used in these records are so subtle that they very well may pass inspection by a well-meaning com­ mittee of physicians untrained in hypnosis,- brainwashing, and other fields.” He predicted that as a result of such records a large number of people are going to be mentally ill. He added, “ The scope of this thing is fantastic — this is for the age group 2 to 5. This is terrible. I’ve never seen anything so bad as this; scares you to death.” There are records for other age groups also, but somehow it seems worst of all when it is for the little children. 1. Communism, Hypnotism and the Beatles. Christian Crusade Publica­ tions. P.O. Box 977, Tulsa, Okla­ homa. 50tf. 2. See: Who’s Who in the West Coast, 9th edition.



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