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The Little Preacher

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by Martha S. Hooker



I T was the usual church service. The front seats were filled by the children, waiting eagerly for their part of the service — a children’s sermon by the 'pastor. As the first hymn was sung, you might have seen the children looking here and there about the pulpit trying to discover the object to be used for their mes­ sage on this particular day. Yes, there were always objects of various kinds — jars, kites, frogs, and one time a baby lion — each telling a story for the boys and girls. But on this Sunday, not a single object could be seen, and as the pas­ tor came forward, he carried no in­ teresting object in his hands. But he was not the kind of a pastor who would disappoint the children, so he began: “ Boys and girls, today I am going to tell you about the Little Preach­ er” — and his hand went into his pocket to bring out the Little Preach­ er. Now what do you think the Little Preacher was? It could not be very big, to be found in the pastor’s pocket, could it? And you are right, the Little Preacher was surely very, very small. Even the boys and girls on the front seats could hardly see it, as the pastor held up a white envelope, bearing in the corner the Little Preacher. Now you have all guessed — the Little Preacher was a postage stamp. But how could a little postage stamp ever be called a preacher? You must listen to what the pastor told the children that Sunday morning: “This little postage stamp is made important, boys and girls, by the image it bears. This stamp bears the image of our first President, George Washington. Yes, before this little stamp was ever ready to be of use to any one, it had to have an image stamped on it. Then it was ready to be pressed into service. Can’t you hear it say, ‘I’m working for Uncle Sam’ ? “ So it is with boys and girls and older folk, too. Before they are ready to have a part in the service o f the JUNE, 1965

King of kings, they, too, must bear an image — the image of God’s Son, the Lord Jesus. Those who have re­ ceived the Lord Jesus as their own Saviour are bearers of His name and likeness. “ Postage stamps are always ready to be used. When a letter is written and the stamp box is opened, all the stamps seem to shout, ‘I am ready to go any place you want to send me.’ How the Lord Jesus longs to hear us say, ‘I am ready’ when there’s work to be done for Him! In the Book of Romans, chapter one and verse 15, Paul says, ‘I am ready to preach the gospel.’ “ The little Postage Stamp Preach­ er carries the message exactly as it is written—never changes it even by one word. Our Heavenly Father has a wonderful message to be carried to those who know it not. His message is found in His Book, the Bible. Some folk try to change this won­ derful message by adding to it, or by taking from it, but God wants messengers like the Little Preacher, who take the message exactly as it is written anywhere He sends, whether to Africa, the islands of the sea or the homeland. “ Then this Little Preacher tells us how to stick to our work. When a letter is addressed to a person who has moved away, the letter is re­ addressed, and the little postage stamp continues its work of locating the person. It never stops until the person is found. This reminds us of a verse of scripture, I Corinthians 15:58 which says ‘Be ye steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord.’ When it is put in place on the envelope it stays put, telling us that we should stay in the place where it has pleased the Lord Jesus to put us. (See I Cor. 12:18.) “ Surely by now you are convinced that the postage stamp has been called by its right name — the Little Preacher. Get a postage stamp, boys and girls, and let it speak to you.” (Suggested by an object lesson given by Dr. Louis T. Talbot.)

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