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Now Leasing to F U N D A M E N T A L C H U R C H GROUPS By the Day or W eek VERDUGO PINES BIBLE CAMP Near Big Pines in the Angelus National Forest 75 ft. Heated Pool — Everything Provided— Contact R. L. JONES, Resident Mgr. P.O. Box 198, Wrightwood, Calif. Telephone (714) 249-3532


Guest Editorial by Dr. Roger D. Congdon

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where in religious schools today. There are schools o f non-Christian religions; cults; Catholics; Protestant denominations; and there are independent Bible Col­ leges and Christian Colleges with varied doctrinal emphases: Arminian, Calvinist, etc. The average evangelical student will not unwittingly become enmeshed in a non-Christian religious school. Some, however, will be rudely awakened to the realization that they have matriculated in a cult school. More will find themselves in a denominational college not representing their own belief. A large number o f dis­ illusioned evangelical students will be found attending liberal schools o f their own denomination. There are many who matri­ culate without discernment in Bible colleges, only to find the instruction countering their assured beliefs. It is not always the fault o f the youth, his parents, pastor, or advisor. Some schools hide their peculiar tenets. This is unfortunate and unethical but it must be recognized as a fact. There are sev­ eral reasons why this is done. Sometimes school administrators fear that they would lose contributions from evangelical churches and believers if the truth were known. Sometimes school officials are so intent on favorable figures that they "compass land and sea” to enlarge enrollment, and a natural consequence o f this attitude is the hiding o f elements which might turn potential patrons away. A school which teaches the Christian ethics effectively will practice it, and will make an honest, straightforward, unequivo­ cal statement o f affiliations and doctrinal emphases. Misfits are often the result o f superficial examination o f the clear expressions o f school publicity, by prospective students, or by failure to obtain the descriptive information which is available. Schools legitimately advertise to attract. There is a colorful brochure, the thrilling fifteen-minute radio musical, the full-page TH E KING'S BUSINESS

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with the Gospel for 31 years. We need financial help to continue operating our Russian Bible Insti­ tute in S.A. — only one in the world. Write us for FREE Gospel News magazine. Send donations to: | SLAVIC GO SPEL ASSO CIATIO N Petar D eyneka, G eneral D ire cto r | Dept. K, 2434N. Kedzie Blvd., Chicago, III. 60647^

YOU ARE IN DEBT — to the Jews of New York Did yon know there are more Jews in Greater New York than in all die state of Israel? And that it is easier to win them for Christ here?

For almost % of a century, this Mission has proclaimed the Gospel on Manhattan’s fabled East Side. Ministries: Mission services; open-air meetings; hospital and home visitation; Scripture distribu­ tion; family counseling and aid.

Have you discharged your obligation to give the Gospel “to the Jew first”? (Read Rom. 1:14-16). FREE COPY. Write for free copy of Ruth Angel’s “How to Point a Jew to Christ.” • Rev. David J. Fant, Litt.D., Pres. Ruth Angel, Gen'l Director • New York Gospel Mission To The Jews, Inc. Dept. K 149 Avenoe B. New York, N. Y. 10009 6

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