Catalog Rugged Digital Networks Solutions RJ Field USB field


n Shell type 6 with Plastic Gland

RJ11F 6 X


n Square flange receptacle, 4 mounting holes: shell type 2

Panel Drilling



RJ11F 2 XX

6 5 4 3 2 1 RJ11 receptacle


n Jam nut receptacle, Hexagonal Nut mounting: Shell type 7

RJ11F 7 XX

Back terminations

Type 1: Female RJ11 / RJ12 Type 1: Female RJ11 / RJ12

Type 2: Solder 6 tinned through holes to solder your cable Type 2: Solder 6 Tinned through holes to solder your cable

Easy and Safe: No field cabling tools required 1. Pass the RJ11 / RJ12 plug through the plastic gland 2. Lateraly slide the insert on the cable 3. Fix the RJ11 / RJ12 plug in the insert , pushing on the lever 4. Insert in the metallic housing 5. Tighten the plastic gland Assembly instructions

INSERTS CODING Connection side views


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