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LC FIELD Fiber optic solution - Transform your LC patchcord into an Environmental Connector

The LC Field offers an easy system to upgrade from a standard to an environmental LC. • Sealed against fluids and dust (IP68) • Shock, vibration proof • No cabling operation in field and no tools required for installation (except 1,6mm and 2mm zipcord cable) With the patented RJStop® systemyou can use a standard LC patchcord in a metallic plug which will protect it from shocks, dust and fluids. No hazardous on-field cabling!

Applications n Railways n Base Station n Military communication n Navy

Mechanical characteristics n  Number of Channels: 2 n Typical Insertion Loss: 0,5dB in MM and SM n Durability 500 mating/unmating cycles (changes for<0,2 dB)

Part number code Serie Optical connector type






Shell Type Plug (compatible for all LC PC and APC Duplex) 6M : Receptacle without backshell Compatible for all LC PC Duplex (adapter blue color) 2 : Square flange receptacle 7 : Jam nut receptacle Compatible for all LC APC Duplex (adapter green color) 2A : Square flange receptacle 7A : Jam nut receptacle Cable Type Only for plug D : Flat duplex cable 1,6 mm E : Duplex zipcord 1,6 mm F : Flat duplex cable 2 mm G : Duplex zipcord 2 mm H : Flat duplex cable 2,8 mm I : Duplex zipcord 2,8 mm T : Only for receptacle (no backshell available for receptacle) 0 : Receptacle without backshell Shell Finish N : Nickel plated G : Olive drab cadmium plated B : Bronze Plug with metal backshell and metal PG clamp

Flat duplex cable + Duplex zipcord for 1,6 mm - 2 mm - 2,8 mm

ZN: Black Zinc Nickel - ROHS Compliant

Polarization N :

or A / B / C / D / E


n  Requested information to order LC Field Patchcord Type of connector: Male /Female Type of fiber: 50/125, 62,5/125, 9/125 Patchcord length: ex 10.5m Drawing: description of the product Contact us for other configuration. n Tools informations Mounting Tools: LCFTV MO TOOL: LC FIELD Mounting tools Dismounting Tools: LCFTV DM TOOL: LC FIELD Dismounting tools (To dismount the LC you need to use both dismounting and mounting tools)

Cap Series

B EC N TV W 19

Protective cap type EC :

For square flange receptacle

ER :

For jam nut receptacle

F :

For plug

Wire type N :

Nylon cord

Blank :

Metallic chain



Shell finish B :


F :

Electroless nickel plated, aluminium version Olive drab cadmium plated, aluminium version

W :

ZN: Black Zinc Nickel - ROHS Compliant Corresponding connector shell size: 19


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