Catalog Rugged Digital Networks Solutions RJ Field USB field

Now available with same distance between flange and PCB than the 38999 stand off one. So you can use a 38999 stand off and a RJ45 stand off in the same implementation.

Part number: 36542 Plating: olive drab cadmium

Jam nut receptacle


Part number

Part number

RJF TV 7S X 5N F459 RJF TV 7S X 5G F459 RJF TV 7S X 5ZN F459

Nickel - ROHS compliant Olive drab cadmium

Coding A Coding B Coding C Coding D


Black Zinc Nickel - ROHS compliant

Main key

X to be replaced by the letter of the coding position you need (A, B, C, or D)



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