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RESMLAC-28MG Managed military Ethernet switch - 24 Gigabit + 4 combo 10G ports Military ethernet switch for harsh environment - Fully MIL-STD compliant

The RESMLAC-28MG is a MIL-STD Fully managed Military-grade network switch offering 24 triple speed (10/100/1000) ports + 4 x 10G fiber ports. The RESMLAC-28MG is compatible with all the newest military industry network protocols for redundant link topology, security, multi- cast and management requirements. Developed specifically for military and harsh mobile applications, the RESMLAC-28MG features mechanical packaging enhancements designed for MIL-STD-810F airborne and ground environmental compliance and high reliability. The unit has been especially hardened to improve ingress, impact, and shock/vibration protection, as well as eliminate all moving parts through passive cooling, and interface through sealed MIL-D-38999 circular connectors and SCE. Leveraging best-in-class switching technology, the RESMLAC-28MG serves as a robust COTS solution for providing local area network (LAN) connectivity to IP-enabled computing and net-centric devices. Compact in size, the RESMLAC-28MG is particularly useful for expanding port density to tactical IP routers in space-constrained airborne and ground vehicle environments.

Military applications n Data acquisition & transmission n Battlefield communication C4ISR n Rugged Networks n Mobile communications n Combat vehicles n Avionic & shipboard systems

Features n Ethernet ports n

Managed 24 x switched 10/100/1000 ports (including 4 Combo ports) + 4x10Gbps Fiber ports - Total of 28 ports. n The 4 Combo ports provide alternative 4 ports 100/1000Base-FX ports n Networking General n Wire-speed hardware-based 28 ports gigabit ethernet switch n Multicasting (IGMP Snooping), GARP, GMRP, MLD and GVRP n Multicast groups up to 8K for both IPv4 and IPv6 n Broadcasting and flooding control up to 8K groups n 802.1q tagged based VLAN up to 4K VLAN groups n Link Aggregation 802.3ad, up to 16 members in group n Link Aggregation mechanism based on L2/ L3/ L4 parameters n Jumbo Frame support up to 10K n WEB, CLI, Telnet Management Quality of service n QoS Multi-Layer Classifier: 802.1p, EtherType, VLAN-ID, IPv4/ 6 DSCP/ ToS, and UDP/TCP ports & ranges traffic classification n Per port WFQ and Strict Queuing scheduling n DSCP remarking for both IPv4 and IPv6 frames n Ingress policer and ingress shaper per port with 500Kbps granularity n Egress shaper per port with 500Kbps granularity n Full-duplex flow control (IEEE802.3X) and half-duplex backpressure, symmetric and asymmetric.


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