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Protection and color ML : Olive Drab Cadmium Plating on enclosure and receptacles

BKN : RAL 9005 (Jet Black) Paint on enclosure, Nickel plated receptacles, ROHS compliant ML1019 : RAL 1019 (Sand) Paint on enclosure, Olive Drab Cadmiumplated receptacles BKN9010: RAL9010(White)Paintonenclosure,Nickelplatedreceptacles,ROHScompliant Type of Electronics 8MF1 : managed 8 ports 10/100 BaseT(X) Ethernet switch Optional: transient suppression module; 600V spike suppressor (Blank): no transient suppression module (standard model) 704 : switch equiped with additional transient suppression module

Optional: AC power supply (Blank): (standard model) PSM : switch powered with 85-264 VAC instead of DC power Optional: Caps for receptacles fixed with cord directly to the receptacle (Blank): no caps included. The Ethernet ports are still sealed but the contacts are not protected. Caps can be ordered separately. CAPS : attached caps for both power and Ethernet ports included (standard model)



Managed Ethernet switch in an aluminum enclosure with olive drab green conductive cadmium plating over enclosure and receptacles, 8 ports 10/100 BaseT(X) RJFTV threaded coupling receptacles, caps screwed to the switch.


All BKN and BKN9010 switches and nickel plated accessories are RoHs compliants. 704 and PSM options can not be selected together. With the -704 option, a filter module is included inside the switch allowing to meet MIL-STD-461 and other airborne standards. With the –CAPS option, all the receptacles comes pre-equipped with a cap.


Plugs for Ethernet ports RJF TV 6 M G: cadmium OD plating RJF TV 6 M N: nickel plating Based on MIL-DTL-38999 No tool required !!!

Caps for Ethernet ports RJSML C7G: cadmium OD plating RJSML C7N: Nickel plating A simple screwdriver is needed!

Plugs for I/O ports MIL-DTL-38999, cadmium plated, crimp contacts two plugs (6cts # 22D) TV 06 RW 0935 S: cadmium OD plating TV S06 RF 0935 S: nickel plating

Backshells for I/O plugs We suggest to use MIL-DTL-38999 III backshells Consult the dedicated catalog (E118) for details Examples: TVNSA 09 014: shielding backshell, cadmiumOD plating TVNSA 09 023: shielding backshell, nickel plating + 804221 straight heat shrink for sealing



With a RJSML 8MF1 CAPS Ethernet switch, we suggest to use hereafter accessories: RJF TV 6 MG (up to 8) for Ethernet ports TV 06 RW 0935S + TVNSA 09 014 + 804221 heatshrink for power ports


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