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Summer is finally here, and the deluge of sunshine brings on a lot of memories for me. Since the mercury started to climb, I’ve been thinking back to my very first summer job at my parents’ commercial laundry facility. Not only was it the worst job I’ve ever had, but it was also the hottest! In New Hampshire where I grew up, kids were allowed to start working at 14 years old if they were on the payroll of their family business. Back then, my parents owned and operated a company that collected laundry from hotels, hospitals, and other commercial ventures, washed it, and returned it for reuse. So I knew from an early age that I was destined for the world of sheets and towels as soon as my 14th birthday rolled around. Sure enough, they put me to work in the massive laundry facility when I turned 14. My job was to stand at one end of a 20-foot-long ironing board and feed sheets through it for hours at a time. On the other side of the board, two people would catch the sheets and fold them by hand. This was back before everything was automated, and you wouldn’t believe how sweaty we got. The ironing board was 160 or 170 degrees Fahrenheit, and the old building we were in didn’t have AC. I suffered through two summers of sheets before I finally got my license and upgraded to driving the dry-cleaning van. I felt like I was on top of the world then — I had AC and a radio.

reminded how lucky I am to be a physical therapist today (and how grateful I am for our office AC). When I shared these memories with my staff, they started telling stories of their first jobs. Here are a few I thought you would enjoy, in their own words! Elizabeth: When I was 16, I scored my first job waitressing at Capogna’s Dugout in Clearwater, Florida. It was awesome! I made more money than I knew what to do with, and I used my waitressing skills all the way through my college years. If you're ever in Clearwater, stop by Capogna’s — it's the best pizza in town! Sarah: About five years ago, my cousins helped me talk my way into a summer job working weekend shifts at Buster’s in Terryville. I’d never worked in food before, so I was terrified on my first day. Turns out I was right to be nervous! About 15 minutes into my first shift, I chopped into my finger while I was cutting an onion and nearly lopped the whole thing off. My boss was convinced I needed to go to the ER, and I ended up bleeding and freaking out for half an hour. After that experience, I decided the food industry wasn’t for me, and I never went back! Bridget: My first job was far from the glamorous world of PT. I was actually a cashier at Waldbaum’s FoodMart back before scanners were a thing. We had to punch in every price by hand, which really stretched out the checkout process! Luckily, I still loved the work. I made friends, learned how to deal with people (good and bad), and figured out

how to manage my time and money. Plus, it was liberating to finally have some cash of my own! Skye: My first summer job was actually here with Advanced Physical Therapy Terryville. Jarred and my coworkers like to joke that I had the world’s longest job interview because I was a patient here for three months before they brought me on as a PT assistant. I got to know everyone really well, and it was a dream job for me. Eventually, I scored this full-time position as front desk coordinator, and I couldn’t be happier! Even though my interview process was a bit uncomfortable (you know, with the torn ACL and all), it was definitely worth it in the end. Next time you come in, we’d love to hear about your first or worst summer job. If you can beat my laundry story or Sarah’s finger-chopping one, I’ll be impressed! –Jarred Parker

Every time I think back to those summers at the laundry facility, I’m

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