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March 2016

Issue 6

RFRM Times • Welcome – BRIAN • Stories of Wellbeing – MIKE, KEN, JANE • Social Wellbeing, Dear World – BRIDGET • Career Wellbeing, Betsy – JOHN • Physical Wellbeing, Allergy Season - HARRY • Financial Wellbeing, Financial Educational Courses - NANETTE • Aspiring and Recognizing Excellence - NSM, Promotions, Shining Stars & Rising Stars o Birthdays and Anniversaries - JILL

What’s inside?

The recent National Sales Meeting was a great OpportUNITY to recognize the accomplishments of our team in 2015 and to prepare for the opportunities in 2016 and beyond. I know, I know… I’m sorry I was not able to join all of you at NSM! However, in support of Social -Wel lbeing, my wife scheduled a family vacation with friends to celebrate her birthday. The picture below was one of many amazing views we had during our time in the Bahamas as the adults, and the kids, socialized over the course of the 5 day trip. Speaking of well-being, more information will be coming soon from the Culture and Values team on our focus for 2016! In the mean time, check out Genentech’s Well- Being @ Work website When you have a few minutes, read on for information regarding recognition and achievements of our team, what Ken Gabriel did, or did not do, during his sabbatical, giving back to the community and a whole lot more! - Br ian Wi l l iams , RFRM Cul ture and Va lues Team Project Lead

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