Beautiful Blue Danube Waltz - 2002

We squished along in the rain further down the town’s “main drag” so we could get a better view of the more private parts of town as well as the fortress on the hill. It is pretty impressive even in its ruined state so it must have been a fairly effective deterrent to prospective invaders. Then it was time to board the buses again to be divided into groups of 10 for visiting and lunching in private homes with local people who really do live in this wonderful little village of Holloko. Our family and friends composed our own group and we were sent to the house of Margaret the grandmother, Margaret the mother, and Timi the granddaughter. The older Margaret appeared to be in her 80s while the younger seemed in her early 50s while her daughter Timi looked to be in her 20s. We recognized the younger Margaret as one of our welcoming dancers when we first arrived in Holloko. All three ladies were very gracious with smiles all around and much attempting to communicate some pleasantries. There was no mention of men in this family but that does not mean there aren’t any—they may just make themselves scarce during this very female enterprise. Their house was square rather than shotgun and seemed have about 6 separate rooms rather than the 4 in those older style homes. We saw a TV in what appeared to be the living room though there was also a bed in that room.

We sat around a large table in their dining room which was just off the kitchen from which the most tantalizing odors greeted our olfactories and from which then issued some really good home cooking by these ladies.

On the other side of the 106

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