Beautiful Blue Danube Waltz - 2002

dining room was another door which led into what we later discovered was a bathroom and bedroom area. Anyway, to get to the important stuff, the meal started off with a fiery taste of homemade schnapps which a few of us could truly appreciated and others tried to get down for politeness sake. Next came the homemade wine which was very like a Mogen-David flavor & and quite good (more of us drank more of the wine than the schnapps). We kept smiling and murmuring our “kersernem” thanks and the “finom” thanks! That must have been sincere enough because soon the first course of the meal emerged from behind the kitchen-curtained doorway. That was a tasty chicken soup served interestingly in three different bowls. First, we ladled the broth into our bowls from the community-serving dish, then we could add however much “pulled” chicken, fine angel hairline linguine, as well as potatoes and carrots that we wished to have in our broth. All of those additions to the soup came in separate serving dishes. Absolutely delicious! The ever-efficient and smiling Timi cleared away the soup servers and bowls and started bringing in the chicken paprikash. It was served in two bowls: one with the chicken and sauce and the second containing the homemade noodles, rather like a gnocchi or spaetzle. Then she brought homemade pickles which were delicious and complemented the main dish wonderfully. The pickles were a cross between dills and kosher dills in taste. We all ate them heartily. Then Margaret the elder brought her fine creation—dessert—which consisted of homemade strudels of four different kinds: apple, cherry, cheese and poppy seed with seemed to be chocolate. Each one was simply wonderful and we knew they had to be very time-consuming to make. Coffee was offered with dessert and we all indulged in way too many of the little pieces of strudel. Then sadly we had to say a reluctant goodbye to our charming and warm hostesses since the buses were waiting to pick us up at an agreed spot. We all thought the short, wrinkled but kind-faced Margaret the Elder was the “bees knees”! She was so outgoing


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