Beautiful Blue Danube Waltz - 2002

The houses of the rich merchants and nobles are quite impressive and each of them supports a decorative tower which was really meant only to show off their wealth and prominence. The towers usually had an open “floor” for entertaining and other floors for storage. Many of the open floors have been closed up over the years as the weather changed and sitting in an area open to the elements became less attractive. PORTE PRAETORIA We also walked by the Porte Praetoria which had been the North Gate of the Roman walled city of Castria Regina in 179 AD which predated the modern city of Regensberg. Elizabeth also explained some of the history of the city and of Bavaria in general even going so far as to explain a little more about Regensberg during World War II. It seems that it was city’s women who demanded that the city be undefended to avoid bombing and street fighting. A local hero, Bishop Maier, spoke for the women to the Nazis and outlined the desire that the city be left “open” and though the town was granted that status, the good Bishop was murdered by the authorities for his efforts. The house where Barbara Blomberg was born stimulated more history lessons. She was the daughter of a local nabob who caught the eye of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. The marriage produced Don Juan of Austria who defeated the Turks in 1571 at the Battle of LePonto. It seems that the ever-busy French colonel, Napoleon, also conquered Regensberg in 1809 and in the process destroyed one of the towers of the old stone bridge, thus accomplishing what Danube flooding had never done. He also gave the city imperial status which greatly enriched the locals and helped to preserve its character and environment. There are currently 1400 extant medieval structures left in Regensberg! After leaving Elizabeth, we came back for lunch on board and then at 2:30 we walked to the Palace of Thorn & Taxis. We found that we could not get into the Palace except on a tour and that the last tour in English had already taken place. So we got a ticket to go into the Treasure Room, the stables, and the carriage house. The stable area was


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