Beautiful Blue Danube Waltz - 2002

amazing because it was like huge rooms in a palace with columns, stone flooring, sculptures and paintings on the wall. Many of the pictures were portraits of favorite horses and falcons, richly caparisoned and adorned. There was an enormous collection of seriously lethal looking rifles, pistols, crossbows, swords, and knives. Then the tour wandered into other display areas with china, flatware, silver service pieces and jewelry. Finally, we got to the end of this enormous stable area into the biggest room of all where the carriages of the noble family were displayed. They seemed to have a conveyance for every special occasion, from marriages and funerals, to romps in the snowy fields. The family was and still is enormously wealthy and they have all the accoutrements to prove it! Their wealth derived from the fact that they developed the first postal delivery system in the world! Post Offices Rule!!



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