Beautiful Blue Danube Waltz - 2002

The views from the Oberhaus were well worth the 2.50 euros we spent to make it to the top of the hill since there was not time to walk up and back and still re-board the boat on time. Actually, there was a bit of a problem for some people because the jitney that returned closest to the 3:45 PM sailing was too full and the young male driver would not allow passengers to stand—no matter what incentives were offered him: money, kisses, or threats of violence. However, the folks who were not allowed to enter that bus did find a shortcut down the hill and made the hike in sufficient time to get on the boat without mishap. Back on board, we went topside to watch the ship leave Passau and float on towards Melk. It was lovely upstairs and we all enjoyed being out in sunshine watching the scenery drift by before we had to go downstairs for a port briefing.


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