Beautiful Blue Danube Waltz - 2002

The wine was good but rather “raw” tasting, and it flowed plentifully. The main course was Weiner Schnitzel, roast chicken & boiled potatoes—all quite tasty. The beginning salad was a little unusual, assembled as it was of beets, German potato salad and sauerkraut, but it was good too. The pancake soup (with strips of pancake dough in a clear broth with noodles) was excellent too. Dessert was a ball of ice cream with a center of apricot rolled in nuts or something crunchy.

We all got pleasantly tipsy even if we were uncomfortably full of delicious but heavy Austrian food. However, the tipsiness helped us loosen up enough to join in the singing coming from all over the restaurant. The musicians, an accordionist and a 12-string guitar sort of thing with two necks, roamed about as well to encourage us to sing lustily. We had a wonderful time laughing and yelling at each other above the general din. Following this rollicking meal, the bus driver took us for a ride around the Viennese Ringstrasse at night. How lovely everything looked through our somewhat bleary eyes 39

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