Beautiful Blue Danube Waltz - 2002

DEMEL'S CAFE Next we were treated to a cup of coffee and a single cookie at the world famous Demel’s Café. We had been warned that we could not ask for tea or hot chocolate or a second cookie - any substitutions would be denied! Becky ordered a “light” coke for which she was willing to pay and pay she did—3.35 euros

It was raining on us as we continued our walk, towards the Capuchin Church where all the 140 Hapsburgs are buried in various kinds of sarcophagi, revealing many eras of art history. We reached the Jewish Memorial Plaza which was depressing & grim with brutally graphic statuary around depicting the debasement of Jewish life and Jewish culture. Not far from the Memorial Plaza was the excellent Jewish Museum which some of us later returned to visit.


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