Beautiful Blue Danube Waltz - 2002

these years of war, floods, and other natural disasters. But stand it does, seeming to lean into the worst the “Blue Danube” can throw against its stolid stone arches and span. The Danube is not blue any more, anywhere along its great stream, but it is mighty and important in European history and commerce. The “Blue” has long ago disappeared under the outflows of pollution and consequent changes in its ecosystem. Connected with the stone bridge and almost its equal in antiquity is the Wursthaus right alongside it. Today it still offers the customers its beer and sausages just as it has since the late 1300s. Embedded in its walls are plaques denoting the high watermarks of Danubian flooding. The “historische wurstkuche” (Sausage Kitchen) is billed as the world’s first fast food restaurant. Next to it is a salt warehouse from the 16th century.


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