Beautiful Blue Danube Waltz - 2002

Our last night on board, we had our farewell cocktail party and dinner as well as the much anticipated crew talent show. That dinner ended with a Baked Alaska (a nice harbinger of our upcoming trip there five days after we return from Europe); the whole meal was delicious and punctiliously served. The River Aria does produce some quite excellent meals all through the cruise. The crew show was very entertaining but it was a definitely a “you hadda be there” experience as well. All the crew, except for a few kitchen workers who were preparing the next day's breakfast, took part including the captain. It was a silly little skit with such scenes as crocodile hand puppets singing “La Habanera” from Carmen, fellows performing YMCA dressed like the Village People, little “nuns” doing the Whoopi Goldberg Sister Act bit singing “I Will Follow Him.” We laughed a lot and enjoyed ourselves at the foolishness.


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