Beautiful Blue Danube Waltz - 2002

Up at 7:30 AM after a wonderful night’s sleep in our surprisingly commodious cabins. The beds swing down from the wall and rest on the day’s couches and are amazingly comfortable. Most of us slept uninterrupted from about 9:30 PM straight through to the morning and all of us needed that rest after that flying night.

Breakfast was our first order of business, of course and then we went to a “rules of the game” lecture at 9. We were given a rundown of how the days would be spent and what we could expect of our PDs and what they would expect of us (like being on time to the buses, etc.). The ladies seemed quite personable and as the trip progressed we were all impressed with their aplomb, friendliness, and organizational skills, not to mention their restraint and tact in dealing with some pretty fractious and querulous fellow passengers.


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