Beautiful Blue Danube Waltz - 2002

We were surprised to learn that Tony Curtis had paid for the monument in memory of his grandfather who was a Hungarian Jew who perished in the Shoah. Marble columns flanked the willow tree etched in gold with the names of non- Jews who had helped save Budapest Jews, beginning with Raoul Wallenberg and going on to other famous people and then listing ordi- nary people who also helped.

Two Catholic seminarians were responsible for saving the 24 historic Torahs owned by the Dohany Synagogue. They snuck in one night and “stole” the sacred texts and hid them in a Catholic cemetery crypt throughout the war. When war ended, they returned the Torahs with only one condition—that they remain anonymous! Roman The Synagogue was central to the 0.8 square mile ghetto the Nazis created to restrict the Jews’ movements and lives. The area still remains a Jewish quarter but without the confinement aspect now. We continued through the quarter with Andrea and it was a somber and disturbing site even today.


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