Beautiful Blue Danube Waltz - 2002

a couple of show-offy solos wherein he missed several notes though he played with dash and élan. Unfortunately, for him, he chose to play familiar pieces. The young lady had a pleasant voice but she did not modulate it at all for such a small room. She had good lungs but very little color or control to her voice. We were led through several royal smoking rooms and foyers but never into the opera house itself because a rehearsal was going on and the maestro refused to allow us to even peek in the doors. Many of the opera salons were lovely but very dark and the paintings needed cleaning perhaps. It was disappointing not to see the hall, but we did get to wear special booties so that we could walk on the high quality original oriental carpets throughout the building. Because of all the drizzling rain which continued throughout the day, the precaution of covering our shoes was excellently taken. COOKING COMPETITION Shopping called to us after the Opera House tour and we knew we had some birthday gifts to get here. We hung about waiting for time to head for the General Market building at the end of the pedestrian street, Vaci. Andrea gave us our 1300 forints and the recipe we had to purchase ingredients for cooking. Our l0 member team was called “Bill and the Girls” and we were in competition with other teams of our fellow passengers. We were to obtain the right ingredients at the lowest possible price. There were two different recipes among the teams (ours was stuffed peppers Hungarian style and the other was for crepes with lemon flavoring for dessert). We spent only 430 of our forints which definitely won our team the “economy” prize. That gave our team the right to join the chef at the restaurant on a loft above the market for cooking lessons, along with the winners of the crepe-shopping contest and other representatives from the losing teams. The 20 winning members of the two recipe contests each got a piece of Hungarian chocolate filled with cherry & liquor filling.


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