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I ’ve always had a knack for math, but it’s never been fun for me. Still, when it came time to look for a career, my family and I figured my math skills meant I was destined to be an engineer. With my life plan set, I began researching engineering colleges. So, when I announced I was going to become a lawyer instead, everyone was shocked. I’m the only one in my family to choose a legal career, and it wasn’t even on their radar as an option for me. Thankfully, they were supportive, and after earning my undergraduate degree, I enrolled in Suffolk Law School. I was determined to graduate in three years, so I tirelessly worked two jobs, attended law school full-time, and battled daily traffic to attend classes with peers whose parents were renting apartments for them just around the corner from the school. In 2001, my hard work was set to culminate at the bar exam — and staying true to the past three years, I tacked on some added stress. I took the bar exam on Wednesday and Thursday, had my wedding rehearsal on Friday, and got married on Sunday. The following Monday, I left for Aruba with my new wife for a much-needed vacation. But the work had been worth it, because I passed the bar exam on my first try. The exhausting nights working at the computer shop or at the small law firm in Lynn and the years I spent diving into books paid off. Remaining dedicated to my dream despite the exciting, albeit stressful, changes in my personal life had been rewarding. I stayed on with the law firm in Lynn until 2006, when I had progressed as far as I could. I ventured out on my own that year and steered my career toward civil law. As a young father of a 1- and 2-year-old, and as an aspiring

business owner, I was taking on any case that walked through the door. It wasn’t until I had a personal brush with a legal issue that I found my calling. When my firm was still a general practice, my grandparents decided it would be best to move into an assisted living facility. My grandfather was suffering from dementia, and it was time for them to live with extra precaution. During this time, my family and I watched as they drained their savings in order to live comfortably and safely. My family kept asking me about my grandparents’ legal rights, but I was still trying to figure out my niche and didn’t have enough experience in the elder law field at that time. I was still perfecting and honing the focus of my practice. I took this opportunity to read and learn as much as I could to find some way — any way — to fix or avoid the inevitable.

them with the sale of their home, it was too late for me to do anything about their finances. But that’s when I found my passion. I currently specialize in estate planning and elder law, and though I still handle real estate and business work, and I have resources available for clients needing other forms of legal help, my focus gives me the greatest opportunity to provide as much specialized service as I can. My grandfather has since passed, and I keep his ring on my desk in a display case, to always remind me why I do this work. Meanwhile, the 1- and 2-year-old have since grown to a 13- and 14-year-old that keep my wife and I hopping all the time! People come to me in trying times. Their parents saved all this money, and now they worry they may lose it paying costs associated with later-life care. But the best part of my day is when I tell somebody, “I can help you,” and I watch the weight fall off their shoulders. -Michael Monteforte Jr.

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