Workplace Inclusion and-Diversity Policy

WORKPLACE DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION POLICY Objective: The objective of this policy is to establish an environment that appreciates and supports the inherent value through a diverse and inclusive workforce. 1.1. Atyaasaa is committed to providing a workplace that promotes creativity and innovation by way of a diverse and inclusive talent pool. This is with the clear aim of ensuring that all the members of our work force are treated with respect, dignity and fairness which results in the creation of an environment that promotes positive and effective working relationships. 1.2. This policy aims to ensure that all employees understand and appreciate Atyaasaa’s commitment of recognizing the value of diversity in our workplace as supported through equal employment opportunities with work practices that promote equality and are non- discriminatory. 1.3. This policy applies to all employees, vendors, contractors (temporary or otherwise) and agents of Atyaasaa. 1.4. Consistent with Atyaasaa’s commitment to creating and sustaining a work environment which fosters positive and effective working relationships, all members to whom this policy applies are expected to demonstrate the following minimum standards of behaviour, including and not limited to: 1.4.1. being polite and considerate to everyone 1.4.2. being sensitive and respectful of the differences between individuals and their respective backgrounds 1.4.3. safeguarding and confirming that none of the members engage or aid in any intimidating, discriminating or pesky behaviour(s) towards others in, or connected with the workplace 1.4.4. promptly reporting any inappropriate behaviour(s) at the workplace, or connected with the workplace in line with the complaint procedure as outlined in the Atyaasaa’s Code of Conduct and 1.4.5. The above mentioned set of behaviours are expected to be demonstrated in addition to, and in conjunction with, Atyaasaa’s existing Code of Conduct 1.5. Atyaasaa recognizes that all the members bring with them a set of diverse skills, knowledge, qualities, abilities, experiences, perspectives and attitudes to work and then valuing and making the most of these diversities that can improve the workplace for individuals and enhance theirs and Atyaasaa’ s overall performance. 1.6. Diversity includes, and is not limited to, differences in age, language, cultural background, religious beliefs, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, health or medical condition, physical ability, appearance, educational level, professional skills, job function, working

style, work and life experiences, socio-economic background, marital status and family responsibilities. 1.7. Atyaasaa appreciates and recognizes the importance of this diversity in our organization and aims to facilitate fairness and equal employment opportunities. Employment or engaging an individual is based on merit only and the identified potential and the ability to carry out their respective role. Atyaasaa is committed to address conscious, subconscious and unconscious bigotry in recruitment through an elaborate selection process, with the involvement of all the stake holders in the process. 1.8. Atyaasaa is committed to identifying and delivering developmental initiatives and programmes that will facilitate the development of this diverse pool of skilled and experienced employees. 1.9. Atyaasaa strives to develop its employees to prepare themselves for higher levels of responsibility by offering equal opportunities leading towards their career development based on knowledge, skills and leadership competencies for their future success. Internal promotions, job rotation, work redesign and employee reward and recognition programmes are widely encouraged as an employee engagement, development and retention strategy. 1.10. Atyaasaa values a workplace environment and culture that promotes inclusiveness and embraces diversity by implementing a zero tolerance for discrimination, intimidation, harassment, victimisation or vilifying behaviour. This is accomplished by continuously educating our employees and associates on the standard of behaviour Atyaasaa expects of its employees. Atyaasaa conducts regular training on this aspect in line with its Code of Conduct. A complaint redressal mechanism is established as per the provisions of our Grievance Handling Policy. 1.11. The needs of employees change during the different phases of life of an individual on a timeline with varied family support, care and other requirements. Atyaasaa acknowledges and recognizes this aspect and offers an opportunity to its employee to work part-time or with flexible timings or even in certain deserving cases a facility to work from home in order to achieve work-life balance. 1.12. Atyaasaa continuously reviews this policy to assess, ascertain and finalize the measurable goals for achieving the desired diversity. This review is carried out by Atyaasaa every year and it makes a formal declaration about the same in its annual report. 1.13. All individuals covered by this policy are expected to comply with the provisions of this policy and adhere to the standards of behaviour contained herein at all times. Any employee or associate, who is found to have breached this policy will be disciplined in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Code of Conduct, which may lead to, and include termination of employment or engagement.

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