Vitincom notice boards


Easily visible, deco snap frames allow themed information such as prices, evacuation plans, advertising, general information... all to be displayed in the correct context.

PRODUCT FATURS è Standard paper formats.

è An original and eye-catching way to display.

Code 504520 (Icon optional)

‹ “Eco Clic” snap frame ‹ 10 mm anodised aluminium frame. ‹ Available in A4, A3 or A2 format. ‹ Opened and closed by pivoting the sprung aluminium side sections. ‹ Anti-glare protective front sheet 1 mm. ‹ Frames mounted on 5mm HIPS sheet (high impact polystyrene). ‹ A choice of 4 colours ( green, blue, red, black).

‹ Self adhesive optional text: “MENU” / “INFO”.

‹ Self adhesive optional icons: Fire escape / Info / conference / first aid cross.

è Deco themes: ‹ A3 format.

‹ 5 decorative shapes: Blue speech bubble - Green bunny - Red fish - Black cinema reel - Black smartphone

è Rectangular:

‹ A4 or A3 format (A2 available on request). ‹ Supplied without text.

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