Everyday Brochure 2021_international

b i r t h d a y

FP6123 Happy Eighteenth

FP6135 Hummingbird Birthday

A279 Birthday Bunting

FP7027 18 Today


WS353 Happy Birthday (dots)

FP6057 50 and Fabulous M essage inside : Happy Birthday!

FP6140 Happy Birthday (Pink Floral)

FP7060 Happy 60th


FP5141 Blue Flowers and Butter- flies (Happy Birthday)

FP5087 Hummingbirds

FP6079 Birthday Queen

FP6108 Birthday Wishes (Clematis)

TREATMENTS Flittered Die-Cut Foiled

MESSAGE All cards are blank for your own message.


127 x 127 mm 127 x 178 mm 152 x 152 mm 210 x 90 mm

ENVELOPES High quality white 100gsm.

Embossed Debossed

All our cards are matt textured unless otherwise stated.

FP6178 Butterflies and Flowers (Happy Birthday)


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